About Us - Professional Hunter since 2001

Eland Safaris has been operating since 2002. We strive to give our clients “The Ultimate African Safari”..! We, the staff,  welcome you as guests and leave as friends / family of Eland Safaris.


Alex, Tamryn, Alex Jnr and Lexi Thomson 

Alex Thomson has been an experience Professional Hunter since 2001 and an Outfitter since 2006. He is also a full time member of PHASA (Professional Hunting Association of South Africa) NRA Life Member as well as a SCI and DSC Member.

Tamryn Thomson has been with Eland Safaris since 2007 and takes care of the admin as well as watching over the rest of the lodge.

Johnny, Janeske and Mieke Thomson

Johnny also an experienced Professional Hunter since 2003, he takes care of the farm and other concessions. Johnny is a NRA Life Member.

Janeske is dealing with the camp and handling the food.

Petrie Boshoff

One of Eland Safaris top PH’s that will go out of their was to make the clients dreams come true.

Petrie Boshoff is a Professional Hunter since  2004 and a NRA life Member.

Trackers, Skinners, Cleaners & Chef

The staff at Eland Safaris will ensure that your stay is top notch by making sure everything is to your needs. The Trackers are the Professional Hunters right hand,  specializing in finding and following a trail. The skinners’ will make sure that the trophies are skinned to perfection.

Cleaners are there to guarantee your chalets are clean and your laundry has been done and back in your room by end of day. The Chef will assure all the stomachs are full with the most tasty local dishes you will never forget.